Hi, in this tutorial I will try to show you step-by-step how to use our e-shop at You can watch the video (available soon) or follow the 14 steps below the video (you'll have both pictures available for computer  or smartphones):

STEP 1: you can choose the items you are going to buy by browsing through the product pages on our e-shop. click on the image of a product you like, as in the picture below, and you will enter the page of that product


IMG 1: computer layout


IMG 1: smartphone layout



STEP 2: When inside the product page, choose the color by using the color option drop down menu on the left side of the product images (under the product name and price on mobile layout). See the images below (so far, variants of the same product differ only in colors)


IMG 2: computer layout


IMG. 2: smartphone layout


STEP 3: choose the quantity of the same color you want to add to your cart inside the quantity box, between the color drop down menu and the “add to cart” red button, as in the pictures below:

(under the “add to cart” red button you have a grid showing the discount you get if you buy in quantity. It means that if you buy more than a certain amount of that product color,  you get a discount.You get the same discount even if you buy the same amount of items related to different colors of the same product or different products of our e-shop)


IMG 3: computer layout


IMG 3: smartphone layout


STEP 4: press the add to cart button and you will land on your cart page, where you’ll have displayed the list of all products you chose to add until that moment, updated with the last item you added and with the related amount of each item. There, you can discard some items by clicking on “remove” or modify the quantity of each item you are going to buy. See the picture below:


IMG 4.1: computer layout


IMG 4.1: smartphone layout


IMG 4.2: smartphone layout


STEP 5: press the back arrow of your browser if you want to return to the page of the product you were browsing. Press the “E-SHOP” button on the main navigation menu under our logo if you want to go back to the e-shop pages to check on other products.


IMG 5: computer layout


STEP 6: when you are satisfied with your choice, you can go to your cart page by clicking on the checkout button on the top of the page, above the logo, on the right side (on the computer layout) or on the grey  cart icon (on the mobile layout) as in the images below


IMG 6: computer layout


IMG 6: smartphone layout


STEP 7: before pressing the checkout button, in order to process you purchase, you have to agree with our terms and conditions and with our privacy statement: check the box as in the picture below:


IMG 7: computer layout


IMG 7: smartphone layout



STEP 8: press on the “check out” red button and you will be sent on a page with a form made to collect your personal data  needed to process your order (If you already filled in this page  you will be directly sent to STEP 9. This happens because our website takes memory of your personal data). You’ll be also asked to add a discount code if you have any. This page as all the followings, display a summary of your order. after you filled in the mandatory fields of the form and the optional ones as you like, check the  content and total price of your order and press the “contiune” blue button (on the bottom of the page) as in the picture hereafter:


IMG 8: computer layout


IMG 8: smartphone layout


STEP 9: you will land on a summary page where you can check your Billing and Shipping address. You can choose a billing address different from your shipping address. You also have shipping expenses. Our products, by default, are shipped free through the postal service. Anyway, if you prefer, we can ship your order through UPS carrier. In that case, you can e-mail us and we can set an agreement in which you will be asked to pay an extra charge for shipping. You will also have the possibility to edit the payment method. But ,so far, we only use the Paypal Secure Payment Gateway, on which you can only choose whether to pay by your credit card or through your Paypal account. See the picture below


IMG 9: computer layout


IMG 9: smartphone layout


STEP 10: press the “continue” blue button (picture 10.1): you will get to a page showing the final summary of your order (picture 10.2). If everything is right, press the “place my order” green button. You will be redirected to the Paypal website, where you will be able to choose whether to pay by your credit card or to access your paypal account (picture 10.3). You will be also given the possibility to create a new Paypal account if you don’t have it yet and you prefer to use that payment method.


IMG 10.1: computer layout


IMG 10.1: smartphone layout


IMG 10.2: computer layout


IMG 10.2: smartphone layout


IMG 10.3: computer layout


IMG 10.3: smartphone layout


STEP 11: enter your credit card data and your personal data required to process your payment and press the yellow payment button to complete your payment as shown here below.


IMG 11: computer layout


IMG 11: smartphone layout


STEP 12: you will be sent an email where we confirm we received your order request. Still, your credit card is not charged until we capture your payment request. It generally takes less than a day. In this way, if there’s any problem, we can inform you before money transfer takes place. Thus, there's no need for you to wait for a refund.


STEP 13: we will keep in touch to inform you about order advancements  and to answer your questions.


STEP 14: after shipping, we will send you an e-mail to know if it’s all right. If we get your positive reply or no reply at all, we’ll archive your order.