Silvia Rossi launched her label with the Fall 2010 collection. She’s been working for twenty years as a designer and costume jewelry manufacturer. Her company is based in Trieste, a small italian town East of Venice.


Silvia built a strong technical knowledge in Italy where she studied as a goldsmith. Later she finessed her skills attending to art classes at Studio Primateria in Milano,   F.I.T. and Parsons school of Design in NewYork, Haystack School of Art in Maine.


The inspiration for her work changes and comes from different sources. Whether the collection’s theme is nature,vintage or futuristic, clean geometric shapes are always present. One of the main focus of this company certainly is to be involved in every step of the making and enhance the hand made aspect through the entire production process.


Creating body ornaments is one of the oldest human activities.
Creating with my hands reconnect me to my primordial part. For me making jewelry represents the search for proportion, scale, sense of balance, harmony of shapes, and beauty.Elements we constantly find in nature and mankind have always tried to interpret through the arts.
Her distinctive creations are mainly made of crystal acrylic, material that combines lightness with transparency and color that remind precious stones.


The jewelry are manufactured with  a material exclusively produced in Italy and handcrafted at Silvia Rossi’s studio. The collections are sold in selected boutiques and department stores throughout Europe, U.S. , and Japan.